Pathfinder Core Books on Humble Bundle

If you’ve ever been curious about the fantasy RPG Pathfinder, now’s a good time to pick up the books for cheap as publisher Paizo teams up with Humble Bundle.

The deal celebrates the partnership between Paizo and Dynamite Comics, who have developed the Pathfinder Worldscape line of comics. These saw the Pathfinder universe cross over with classic sword & sorcery characters Red Sonja, John Carter of Mars, Tars Tarkas of Mars, and Tarzan.

Just $1 will net you the core Pathfinder rulebook, an adventure for taking characters from levels 1-5 and a roleplaying guide. As well as this you get a huge selection of comics including the first three issue of Pathfinder Worldscape.

More content is added as you add to your payment, until the final $45 tier adds physical miniatures of the crossover heroes as well as print copies of the comics.


All in all, the total cost of the books on their own would normally be over $667.

Humble Bundle sells digital content through its pay-what-you-want bundle promotions that provide a portion of the sales to charities across the globe.

One comment

  • Finally got these minis after a year. They are literally garbage. No color and not even fully finished. Platforms are not beveled and it doesn’t matter anyway because the minis feet are unfinished. Paizo should be ashamed.


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