Pelgrane Want Old Sheets for New Gumshoe Character Tool

Pelgrane Press is asking for scans of used character sheets for its Gumshoe RPG system, to help it design a new character creation tool.

The new tool will be replace Pelgrane’s existing Black Book tool, which it says is in need of “a new implementation” that includes recent additions to the system such as Shock and Injury cards. It will be developed in partnership with Northland Creative Wonders.

All of the current Black Book features will continue to be freely available in the new tool, which will feature better support for screens. However, Pelgrane says that more advanced features will be available with a “nominally priced” subscription.

To help make the new tool as effective as possible, it is asking players to send it pictures or scans of existing character sheets “with all of your marks, erasures, and doodles,” as well as digital sheets and custom sheet designs.

“In order to make good software to solve a problem, you need to understand how users solve that same problem without your software,” the company says in a press statement.

“Asking users how they solve that problem often doesn’t provide the information you need; sometimes users aren’t aware of all of the steps in some activity, they might accidentally exaggerate or deprecate the extent of an issue, and they tend to ask for specific solutions rather than identify problems.

“Fortunately in gaming we have a ready artifact to study — character sheets.”

Details on how to submit character sheets can be found on the Pelgrane website.

Gumshoe is system for designing investigative RPGs, and is used in many of Pelgrane’s games.

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