Legend of the Five Rings Open Beta Available for Download

Fantasy Flight has released an open beta for its samurai-themed RPG Legend of the Five Rings.

A PDF of the beta ruleset can be downloaded for free from Fantasy Flight’s website. The 230+ page document covers the basics of playing the game and creating characters, including an introductory adventure titled A Ronin’s Path.

Over a twelve-week period, the Fantasy Flight Games team will receive feedback from beta players to be taken into account when finishing the design for the final product.


In Legend of the Five Rings players take on the role of samurai in the fictional land of Rokugan. Characters are torn between their personal desires and their sworn duties, and must often contend with cunning court intrigues, deadly armed conflicts, and dangerous supernatural creatures.

In a news release, Fantasy Flight explains that the gameplay of Legend of the Five Rings “revolves around a concept from previous editions called roll and keep, now using unique custom dice.”

“When attempting to have their character resolve a task in the story, a player rolls a number of dice and then chooses and keeps a number of these dice. This activity (rolling and keeping dice to see the consequences of a character’s effort) is called a check. Only kept dice are resolved, which gives the player the strategic opportunity to decide which symbols will make for the best story.”

“Many die faces contain both positive and negative outcomes together, and a player must decide if the benefits of keeping that die outweigh the costs—greater success may cost more than you are willing to bear.”

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