‘Dice – Rendezvous with Randomness’ Shows Gaming a New Light

Modiphius’ new photobook Dice – Rendezvous with Randomness shows off the more beautiful sides of the hobby, combining gamers’ most common tools with unexpected situations to create stunning photographs.

The book was created by photographer Måns Danneman, who pieced together dozens of images to create what Modiphius calls “perfect coffee table book for impressing your gaming visitors.”


“Måns Danneman has taken photographs of dice in ways you have never even thought about,” the company says. “He has curated a fine selection of images and effects to achieve unusual results and then painstakingly set up the photo shoots.”

The photos range from the fairly straightforward and beautiful – such as those showing dice alongside flowers or sparkling with light – to the more bizarre. Danneman’s experiments with Cthulhu-themed dice produce some particularly striking images that verge on the unsettling.


Dice – Rendezvous with Randomness is available to buy from the Modiphius webstore.  It is available in both standard and Limited editions, with just 200 of the limited edition available.

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