E3 trailer hits for Call of Cthulhu videogame

A new trailer for Call of Cthulhu videogame – based on the RPG from Chaosium – has been released at E3, showing plenty of mind-shattering weirdness but little in the way of gameplay.

As with its tabletop cousin, the game is slated to combine RPG elements with investigation, as well as introducing psychological horror and stealth mechanics.

It revolves around the main character’s mission to “find the truth behind the death of an acclaimed artist and her family on a backwater island,” though developer Cyanide Studios says that they “will soon uncover a more disturbing truth as the Great Dreamer, Cthulhu, prepares its awakening…”

Call of Cthulhu is slated for release later this year, and will be available on consoles and PC.

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