The first Tales of Equestria mini-adventure is weirdly awesome

Tales of Equestria is a game that baffles me as much as it draws me in, but after looking at its surprisingly solid first mini-adventure I’m seriously considering giving it a try.

The fact that I’m even interested in the game at all is somewhat of a miracle. Though I’m never going to be a hyper-masculine parody who refuses to play anything without ‘creative’ interrogation scenes that make the Paladin turn green, my contact with My Little Pony is rather limited. I think I once used my sister’s toys as steeds for some plastic knights back in the early 90s, but that’s about it.

I’m aware that MLP has gathered a rather rabid following online, but it wasn’t until I actually spoke to the folks over at River Horse – the game’s publishers – over at the UK Games Expo that I realised they were well aware of this. The rulebook is simple enough to be understood by children and is packed with bright illustrations, but there’s much meatier than most takes on child-friendly RPGs.


With my curiosity piqued, I had a poke around on River Horse’s website and stumbled across their first ever mini-adventure for Tales of Equestria. This free download sets out a super-short adventure called The Gift Horse, featuring a handful of encounters with a rather irritating prankster.

Over the course of the scenario the ponies may find themselves floating through the air after being inflated by magical candy, doused in magical smoke and forced to intervene in a traffic accident caused by a giant cake – a problem unlikely to come up in the Forgotten Realms any time soon.

In any case, the adventure really did impress me. It’s inventive and easy to run, but also leaves a wide amount of scope for the GM to improvise, even setting out guidelines for setting difficulties as ponies attempt inventive solutions to the problems before them.

Has it convinced me to buy the rulebook? Well, not yet. But you can bet I’ll be paying close attention to River Horse as they continue to expand upon the game.

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