How do you want to hear this? Critical Role podcast launched

The wildly popular D&D webseries Critical Role is being re-released in podcast form, further expanding its reach and fulfilling one of the most common fan requests.

The podcast form of the show is being officially released through Geek & Sundry, which airs Critical Role on its Twitch stream. At time of writing ten episodes have been uploaded, though each is easily over two hours long.

“You’ve been asking us to help you take Critical Role with you no matter where you go,” said Geek & Sundry in its announcement post. “Your desktop is a little on the heavy side. That laptop only lasts an hour before needed to be plugged in, and good luck finding a signal with your phone.

“Starting today, we solve your problems with the new Critical Role podcast now on iTunes.”

The new format comes out as the show itself approaches its 100th episode, which will air live tonight.

The show features the adventures of the ‘Vox Machina’ adventuring company as they seek to protect the realm of Tal’Dorei from all kinds of terrible foes. The entire cast is comprised of professional voice actors, and over the two years or so it has been running Critical Role has gained a widespread and incredibly loyal fanbase.


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