Open Legend releases rule-book alpha

Seventh Sphere Publishing says that the final print version of its highly anticipated multi-genre RPG Open Legend will begin printing within the week, with Kickstarter backers already receiving a PDF copy of the draft.

The roughly 140-page rulebook is virtually finalised, according to lead designer Brian Feister, who told supporters that he was expecting only “a few very tiny fixes” in the run-up to the final print copies of the book.

Designed with the aim of providing ‘open source’ rules for any setting imaginable, Open Legend attracted attention early on its development. This was helped in part by the involvement of industry legend and ‘father of the Forgotten Realms’ Ed Greenwood and Matthew Mercer, DM of the popular Critical Role series. Both have contributed to design of the ‘Amura’s Dawn’ setting designed for use with the system.


The book contains complete rules for using the Open Legend ruleset, as well as an extensive list of sample character builds, weapons and special items. As well as the raw information, the book also contains a wealth of illustrations showcasing the ruleset’s potential to work with any genre.

Seventh Sphere has not yet committed to a release date for the physical copies of the core rules and Amura’s Dawn setting, but the full ruleset can be found for free on the Open Legend website.

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